Sugar Mummy Germany Phone Number – Hi guys, my name is Jackie, I am a Sugar Mummy living in Saarland, Germany. I am 41 years old and I am looking for a younger man to date. I got to know about this website when Some of my friends got connected on this website so I decided to try too.

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I am very loving and caring, I love to help people and I have an open mind. A lot of people have taken me for granted because I am very compassionate. I have been heart-broken a couple of times but I believe that is part of life so I accepted my fate.

I would have dropped my sugar mummy phone number here, but I don’t want random people to be calling me unnecessarily. However, I will contact whoever can give me a good reason why he wants me to be his sugar mummy.

Tell me why you want me to be your sugar mummy, how you intend to make me feel loved again. I am very ready to spend money on you. I am a millionaire(in Euros) and you have absolutely nothing to lose. So use the comment box below to tell me why I should date you. Also, tell me if you will be willing to relocate to Germany with me.

But I must warn you, if you are not an honest person, please don’t bother to contact me because I will still find out. Please lets not waste our time I only need a truthful and trustworthy man.

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71 thoughts on “Sugar Mama In Germany Needs Your Phone Number – Contact Her Now

  1. I’m Paakwasi Perez from Ghana 34yrs humbly looking for lovely respected caring cute and sexy sugar mummy in my entire whole life , I’m chocolate in colour, 5.6ft

  2. I cant really tell you how I can make you feel loved again but there us is one thing I do know, and that is I have also been heartbroken before and I know how it feels so I never will never ever let a lady go through that because of me.

  3. love is like a music, the note are heard by heart that is tender and pure. Am not good at promise, more especially the ones I can’t keep up with. But one thing I can assure you is this I minute of happiness I drive you will make you forget the years of pain you have been trough.Am strict, honest and caring as well.
    Well I don’t expect much but I believe relationships is all about understanding,faithfulness,trust,support and love to bound them. I really want that in a lady.please feel free to call, chat me on Fb or WhatsApp me too +2348139584387

    1. Nothing has crept into my heart except your love, and nothing will ever separate my emotion from the passion I invest in you sweetie.I don’t expect much but I believe relationships is all about understanding,trust,honest,respect,support and love to bound them all together. I rilly want that in a lady. Pls email me or call me on +2348139584387

  4. Heart breaker its not my thing so u can trust me very caring,humble n ready to love

  5. Nothing has crept into my heart except your love, and nothing will ever separate my emotion from the passion I invest in you sweetie

  6. am joseph from kenya ,am so good in bed so romantic , am looking for a nice sugar mummie , who can take good care of me as i do the fuck job, am so loving and so romantic, need a londlife woman,,phon is +254713139260

  7. am Ben frm lb Nigeria l have interest in sugar mummy am gud in bed dis my fone number +2348179298065

  8. hi mama. my name is Tim, 33years old, nigerian but presently living n working in ghana, single n searching for true love even better with a sugar mama. don’t mind relocating to any conducive part of d world. u only need say d words n I will fulfill your heart desires to d Best of my abilities as I can. r u interested in me as I am in u, then pls call/whatsapp tim on +233546148859

  9. Am eddi simple and handsome with 32 years of age from Nairobi kenya, am writting to you to steal your attention towards me, i got love to offer you, i got dignity and on top of that am honest

  10. I’m Bofrakuma Gideom Salvador from Accra,Ghana.Im having 32yrs.I’m so interested of group members .i know it’s where i can get my sugar mama who I can share my love ❤ with and forever. My nber:+233243030552/+233504129303 with email…..

  11. sweetheart am quite young but i hope i can reach your needs and make you happy again. am not interested in your money but interested in making you feel better

  12. Am single, 30yrs old,i live in lagos Nigeria,and if i have you i promise to be honest with you,and i will always make you happy at all time, what ever thing that will give you joy and happiness i will do it, i will love and cherish you as long as i live..


  13. I am Daniel from Nigeria base Ghana, i am willing to do anything for her make her happy and love again, always tell her how much i love and care for her, i am willing to relocate to her, i will make her know how wonderful she is to me and forever be with her even if she want me to marry her i am willing and will love her for the rest of our lives, my phone number +233238731543, can also WhatsApp me with it or email me

  14. Moses Pokai is my name from Liberia.
    single easy going young man.
    kindly contact me: (+231)770150295/886284821

  15. Everyone says that loves hurts, but that’s not true. Loneliness hurts. Rejection hurts. Losing someone hurts. Everyone confuse these things with love but reality, love is the only thing in this world that covers up all the pain and makes us feel wonderful again.
    When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, no distance is too far, no one can ever tear them apart.
    We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. Its all about Jesus Christ. Am Richard Nartey from Ghana. A motivational speaker and a God fearing person. God be with you. Am only 25 years of age. I will always inspire you with some motivational quotes which will help in your Christian race. God bless you. You can please contact me on +233244408421 and also on WhatsApp for more inspirational quotes and the word of God. Amen

  16. im victor from south west nigeria
    friends call me vikgreen a combination of my name and a colour of my country flag im just too proud of my country.
    im a comedian if i may say because i love to put smile on people especially the ladies because they are beautiful creature from God and they are to be treated with love which is my major priority.
    im 25,im in my fourth year in the university and i previously have a diploma cert since 2013.
    i fluent in both english and yoruba.yoruba is my native language which you can find very lovely to learn.
    pls feel free to contact me on whatsapp 2348163125309 or my email
    if you can choose me i will show u love beyond imagination.i will always be proud of you and i will be with u forever.i will always also be proud to show u to friends and family and i will show u around in nigeria.if you are willing to marry i will be ready.
    i will be ready to relocate to germany because my goal is to study for my master program in europe and along side settle down with you
    im a practice playing football in my leisure time and hope to be a professional in the future

  17. Dear Loving Jackie I got so thrilled to you and i loving to keep in touch to you. Am a Ugandan by nationality 28, I don’t take any tribe of smoke or any tribe of Acohol.

  18. Hello dear how are you I hope you doing well and I pray to almighty God to bring smiles happiness in your life my dear My name is shahrukh Pardis I am from Afghanistan am 26 year old single never married With good sense of humor honest loving loyal romantic joking smile and would like to give someone smile not take from someone am good man which I know how to take care of you and I don’t like to break heart of someone I don’t like betrayed to someone because of someone trust you don’t break her trust I have be seen in the Internet sugar mama site I think with my self in the world right know angle still exists who wanna helps people like me I believe on my self I can bring in your life love trust loyalty honesty and also I will take care of you like my princess like my eyes like my heart and make you happy in every way which you preferred and anything you want I will do that for you which makes you happy and why I choose you because you look like angel honest loyal loving good sense of humor kind beautiful caring women who know how to love me how take care of me how to make me like king I hope you contact with me as soon as possible this is my contact information and if you’re not contact with me after that I will pray to be happy in all life my dear sugar mama.

    Phone: +93779805358
    what’s up: +93779805358
    IMO/viber +93779805358
    You can call me or text in one number

  19. Am a young man of high esteem of positive results, I don’t care what you have passed through in life because all of us have ours but what I can tell you is I will make you forget days of sorrow and agony in your life…..Please if you think I can make u laugh, please sweetly call me on +2347039732718

  20. William is my name a Ghanaian born but currently in China.i am really struggling to take care of myself. I am looking forward to meet a rich sugar mummy who can take care of me and I also promise to make her feel like a real woman.this is my contact +8618222575401

  21. Hello I am Mike, I am from Alberta Canada, I am a hard working, adaptable, loving and aim to please in any way I can. I am honest and open and say how I feel. I am looking for someone to whom I can connect with and make happy. I think after being through so much heartache you deserve to be happy and if you choose me I will do what I can to make that happen.

  22. Hello
    Am Evance from kenya,26years old,have been looking for a serious God fearing woman,The one who can passionately love and I love her back.
    I will ensure you feel loved again by giving you time,proper attention you need,respect and further more being faithful to you.last but not least I will always ensure you feel happy in my arms.
    Am ready please relocate as long as you love me
    Please consider my humble request

  23. Hello dear Jackie, am Stephen Bofah from Ghana, Ashanti Region.
    Please dear I’m am 33 years old of age. Avery kind and calm, trustworthy person someone who is caring, hardworking and always serious in life. BOFAH is someone who always entertain his lover, crack jokes to make people laughs when he see that the someone is out of mood and sad he try to let that person laugh to forget the what has happen and move on in life.
    I am adviser, and counsel people about their problems.
    Am a loveable person and always try to keep my family i n happiness.
    Am a very Christian who don’t joke with his fellowship.

    I want you to be my lovely mummy to my life all because, anyone in this life need to live with a woman who match with.
    And as read about you, I make a comparism of you behaviour to mine and I see that we match and this will me move on in life.
    Although you are rich, but am someone who do not depend on money but peace, so I need someone whose character matches mine to maintain my peace and is you.

    Note many rich sugar mummies are here, I rad about them and founded that they don’t match me, dear am not just an ordinary Christian, but rather a man of God and now has resign wanted to have some Theological course. And I am accepted to to move from here to live with you if only you accepted me as your partner, lover, your future husband.

    I am compassionate, and like to help others too as well as you are. Thanks

    Hoping to hear from you love you…

    Contact me via +233241272505. Or. +233206798155

    Email (or)

    Thanks and hoping to here from you
    Love youuu…

  24. Well I pray to meet a beautiful woman Who will take me justas I’m. I m very honest and truthfully.. Love is life. Without love you are not living but Just there. Is there any good and beautiful woman who can be loved without a brake. Call me at once you won’t regret knowing me+2347062224273 no games. Thanks Benjamin

  25. Nothing has crept into my heart except your love, and nothing will ever separate my emotion from the passion I invest in you sweetie.I don’t expect much but I believe relationships is all about understanding,trust,honest,respect,support and love to bound them all together. I rilly want that in a lady. Pls email me or call me whatsup +233242116205 /

  26. I’m very cute energetic young guy of 20 years of age who is looking for a sugar mummy who will spend on me in return get sex satisfaction. No problem if u want to take me anywhere in De world for fun. Mark my words.
    Call or email me on 233573159999 or
    Love u so oooo much if u are interested in me.

  27. Hello Mummy , My Name Is Kabay at 37 Years, a Sports Size and 6ft Tall from Mombasa Kenya.
    I’m looking for a Relationship / Friendship from a Responsible Mammy like you Who also needs a man who can Handle her with Dignity of Love, Joy and Happiness.

    Am A Black Guy Who Shall Always owe You The Responsibility Of Being:
    Trust Worthy, Loyal, Passionate, Offer Hands of Work To Help Each other,
    To Love sweetly In The Heart And Above All Am A God Fearing Christian Of Which
    I Believe Should guide me to do good to others as I would need the same from them. It Takes A strong Man To Handle A Broken Woman… Sometimes Being Strong Means Being Able To Cry, and Sometimes Moving On Means Being Strong Enough To Let Go.

    I’m A Person Who Is Hardworking to Support My Lady in Cheering up Her Goals to Promote Our Joy and Love. Am very ready to relocate and move in with you… no distance… love needs live touch on the wire.

    In My Everyday Life I Like; Reading, Gospel & Patriotic Music, Traveling, Ready to learn new things, Walking, Physical Exercise, Or Gym, Museums and Nature.
    I Believe A Strong Woman May Be Stronger Than A Man, Particularly If It Happens To Have Love In Her Heart, I Guess A Loving Woman Is Indestructible.

    My stand is; To Raise my Words Not my Voice, since It’s Rain That Gives Flowers— Not Thunder, Really I see; You Are Beautiful….. You Are Strong…. You Are Capable…. You Are Wonderful …. You are Gracious…Believe It….Then Never let your best friend get lonely… part me here “” / WhatsApp: +254771985150.
    Finally: If A Man Loves A Woman’s Soul, He Will End Up Loving One Woman, But If He Just Loves A Woman’s Body Or Face , All The Women In The World Won’t Satisfy Him.

  28. Hi
    I’m not leaving my contact info here. Not just because I share my real information with real people out there and not because I don’t share my real information on this lovely website, that is because you’re too gorgeous for someone like me. So I don’t waste your time. I Just wanted you to know that.

    I know I’m just 27 years old and I’m still in my 20s, but you’re too gorgeous. You deserve someone better. Sorry! I wish the best for you.

    thanks for your time

  29. Hello ms.jackie take care u are pretty i like u i’m a man with a good loving heart,caring,romantic,honest,understanding with a sense of humor and good in bed my height is 5’9″ if u give me a chance to love u i do everything i can to make u happy i promise u my love i’m serious to u qe share together happiness moments of our life pls.add me in facebook i love u

  30. Hello
    I’m justine from nigeria,am 30years of cool and a loyal person that respect people a coming to your life to make you happy and for you to make me happy as well,cause loyalty is what that matters so much in a relationship age never count it’s the emotion that tells.ask more about me if you really do cares and want us to move on.+2348082904343

  31. I’m a 24 year old young man in Pretoria South Africa looking for a rich sugar mummy …I’m good looking,, muscular.. Good n bed inbox me on +27740395126 for more information

  32. hello am Samuel 26 of age. am kind of person. honest etc I base in Nigeria. I need a sugar mummy who can be honest to me as well. sex is not an issue at my side. cuz I please a lot. you can hit up on this +23407066678547

  33. I want to make you sugar mammy because you are very beautiful. You laughing is so cute.I like to go to abroad and get a beautiful sugar mammy.I think you as like as my whatsapp contact +8801930410992

  34. I promise to achieve my dream on this earth before I die as a human being that is why am still single upto date.l’m truthful and God fearing in my whole life time .Therefore i promise to be yours forever to make you happy and love you the way you are.

  35. Joyeux Noël mon bébé c’est avec plaisir que j’ai accepté d’être avec toi je t’aime tellement fort mon amour voici mon numéro WhatsApp +23797009283 je te promet une amour durable et sincère

  36. Hi my name is Calvin;i will love u and satisfy u the way u want call or whatsapp +27789105521☺☺I’m from south Africa

  37. To tell u the truth i can’t tell u any thing new u have never heard but the difference is mean every thing i say ,to me when its not because riches but i fell like i a have fallen for u madam.Am a loyal,comitted,hardworking,trustworthy and God fearing guy who intends to change your perception about men if at all am given a chance .yes i can relocate to any where you are !,and here is my whatsapp number if at all u would like to chat with me 256703246025.thanks !,hope to hear from u soon

  38. Hi dear Jackie,I’m a man aged 40 from Lusaka Zambia here in Africa seeking for a long term relationship with reasonable old woman.
    I’m honest and reliable, sincere and responsible, romantic and sensitive, down to earth with too good sense of humor.
    I need you to be my woman cause I believe that with a mature woman progress is assured no game playing but rather talk and discuss issues of development of our lives and families, and how to help others in need.
    I was disappointed before by immature woman and a thought of falling in love with a woman who is serious and know the values of a relationship and how to handle it.please call me on my what’s up line +260976705864.

  39. Enock says:

    8/5/2019 at 15:37
    Hello precious diamond, am Enock, 21yrs old from Ghana. Honestly, love and care is all we need to make us happy in life and I am ready to give you the love that comes from my heart, all I need is a chance to prove myself in action because, “action speaks louder than words,” I won’t be a disappointment to you precious diamond I love you. This is my what sapp number +233240367661 or Email me at

  40. Hi Jackie,

    I message you for the reason that our qualities is the same as loving and caring as a man may be possibly in a different way. I am a family centered man. And I also like to help other people in their needs in a different way like moral support because I don’t have much money… I want you to be my sugar mommy because I see qualities in me that you already have and I don’t have; and you don’t have that I have…Here’s my number +639975921608 and

  41. am from Nigeria 27in age am a honest and trusted someone if y we be together then you can understand better yourself and see for yourself just text me to no more about each other better

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