If You Really Want To Keep Your Relationship, Do These 7 Things!

If You Want To Keep Your Husband To Yourself, Do These 7 Things!

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The rate of infidelity in marriage of nowadays is alarming. Infact some men see nothing wrong with that.

Some have blamed it on the neglect of some wives. As a wife, there are things you can do to keep your hubby to yourself;

1. Don’t nag: This can never be over-emphasized. Nothing keeps a man away from home than a nagging wife. He will easily fall into the hands of a soft-spoken woman the longer he stays outside due to your nagging.

2. Keep looking good: I have seen a lot of women who eventually stopped looking so good just because they got married. If you must keep your hubby to yourself, ensure you do look that way that actually made him fall in love you.

3. Personal hygiene: The truth is that a lot of women struggle with personal hygiene. Because you married, you don’t brush well again, you hardly wash or change undies, you sleep like after sweating all day. You really need to smell good.

4. Cook well: It’s quite unfortunate that a lot of ladies cannot prepare a good meal, let alone. There is an adage that ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach‘. If you cannot cook, learn, else, sorry because you will have serious contenders for your hubby’s attention.

5. Be a wealth manager: This is the no 1 duty of a wife. If you earn 500 thousand and you are the 200 thousand human hair type, your husband will find it difficult to go into a money commitment with you. Money commitment can garnish the love in your home.

6. Give him Se x the way he wants it: There is no greater bond than s ex bond in marriage. If you deprive him s*x for no just cause, he might be peeping through your neighbour’s keyhole to grab her attention.

7. Add your own in the comment section

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