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Sugar Mama In Baja California, Mexico Is Available – Get Phone Number

Sugar mummy Celion

Sugar mummy Celion

Mexico Sugar Mummy Contact Phone Number – Hi guys, my name is Celion. I am a 39-year-old sugar mummy in Baja California, Mexico. Do you need my phone number and WhatsApp number? I know you do and I am willing to give it to you.

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sugar mummy Celion

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Sugar mummies don’t share their phone numbers online for some reasons but I will tell you what to do so that you can get mine. I am a very simple woman looking for love and I’ll prefer to get it from a younger man.

I am a Forex-currency trader and I am a multi millionaire in dollars. I am ready to spoil you with money and take you around the world if only you can be loyal and loving to me. I once had a relationship that I was taking care of my man but he abused our relationship and I walked away.

I do not want such to repeat. I want a man who is serious-minded, who understands what it means to make a woman feel good. Irrespective of where you are, I will send you all the money you need to come over to Mexico.

You can contact me now by dropping your phone number or WhatsApp number in the comment below. Also, make sure you tell me why you want me to be your sugar mama. I will be waiting for your comment.

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47 thoughts on “Sugar Mama In Baja California, Mexico Is Available – Get Phone Number

  1. am Joseph from Ghana am very honest loyal and obedient am ready to do everything you wish me to do for you if you will give me chance to be with you dear I wish am with you am 23 year’s of age you can chat me or call me on this number +233577301415

  2. so I need a sugar mummy that can take good care of me and sponsor me with my Education please accept me as ur sugar boy locations is not the problem the problem is for u to accept me please ma I want u to change my life

  3. why am writing it like this because my phone can not contain my full story please contact me I will do what it takes to makes u happy I will love as I love my self if u accept me and I will never forget u in my life and service u well please contact 08119073213

  4. as u can see my comment has full the comment Box below that means am interested in having u as my sugar mummy please don’t read all my comments and go please after reading it just contact my and I will tell my full story please ma am interested in having u as my sugar mummy call 08119073213 the same number

  5. Greetings ma I may not be able to mend d broken heart of your but with a little time of our meeting you will forget the pain of the past and feel the good side of love once again in your life even if means being your pet am ready to be this my mobile number 08122201097

  6. hello ma u are so beauty full like 15 year’s old that’s y I like u if u contact me I will do well 08176949973

  7. hi celion
    my name is victor
    a humble awesome man
    treating woman with care and love is my major priority
    please contact me via my number 2348163125309

  8. This an honest guy of 27 years of age and am looking for a very good and nice sugar mummy who are honest and could help me with my skills because am a very hard working person if you can accept me I promise give it up to you by the way to get a chance to win the world of love

  9. Love is like a music,the note are heard by heart that is tender and pure.

  10. Love is like a music, the note are heard by heart that is tender and pure. Am not good at promises, more especially the ones I can’t keep up with. But I thing I can assure you is this, a moment of happiness I drive you will make you forget the years of pain you have been through. I don’t expect much but I believe relationships is all about understanding, caring, faithfulness, trust and love to bound them all together and that really what I want in a woman. Please feel free to chat me on Fb, WhatsApp, or call +2348139584387

  11. Dear Loving I got so thrilled to you and i loving to keep in touch to you. Am a Ugandan by nationality 28 from Africa, I don’t take any tribe of smoke or any tribe of Acohol.

  12. Hello dear how are you I hope you doing well and I pray to almighty God to bring smiles happiness in your life my dear My name is shahrukh Pardis I am from Afghanistan am 26 year old single never married With good sense of humor honest loving loyal romantic joking smile and would like to give someone smile not take from someone am good man which I know how to take care of you and I don’t like to break heart of someone I don’t like betrayed to someone because of someone trust you don’t break her trust I have be seen in the Internet sugar mama site I think with my self in the world right know angle still exists who wanna helps people like me I believe on my self I can bring in your life love trust loyalty honesty and also I will take care of you like my princess like my eyes like my heart and make you happy in every way which you preferred and anything you want I will do that for you which makes you happy and why I choose you because you look like angel honest loyal loving good sense of humor kind beautiful caring women who know how to love me how take care of me how to make me like king I hope you contact with me as soon as possible this is my contact information and if you’re not contact with me after that I will pray to be happy in all life my dear sugar mama.

    Phone: +93779805358
    what’s up: +93779805358
    IMO/viber +93779805358
    You can call me or text in one number

  13. Real man don’t talk much . Hi I am Prince from Accra Ghana .please U can call or WhatsApp me on +233242409210

  14. Hello Mummy , My Name Is Kabay at 37 Years, a Sports Size and 6ft Tall from Mombasa Kenya.
    I’m looking for a Relationship / Friendship from a Responsible Mammy like you Who also needs a man who can Handle her with Dignity of Love, Joy and Happiness.

    Am A Black Guy Who Shall Always owe You The Responsibility Of Being:
    Trust Worthy, Loyal, Passionate, Offer Hands of Work To Help Each other,
    To Love sweetly In The Heart And Above All Am A God Fearing Christian Of Which
    I Believe Should guide me to do good to others as I would need the same from them. It Takes A strong Man To Handle A Broken Woman… Sometimes Being Strong Means Being Able To Cry, and Sometimes Moving On Means Being Strong Enough To Let Go.

    I’m A Person Who Is Hardworking to Support My Lady in Cheering up Her Goals to Promote Our Joy and Love. Am very ready to relocate and move in with you… no distance… love needs live touch on the wire.

    In My Everyday Life I Like; Reading, Gospel & Patriotic Music, Traveling, Ready to learn new things, Walking, Physical Exercise, Or Gym, Museums and Nature.
    I Believe A Strong Woman May Be Stronger Than A Man, Particularly If It Happens To Have Love In Her Heart, I Guess A Loving Woman Is Indestructible.

    My stand is; To Raise my Words Not my Voice, since It’s Rain That Gives Flowers— Not Thunder, Really I see; You Are Beautiful….. You Are Strong…. You Are Capable…. You Are Wonderful …. You are Gracious…Believe It….Then Never let your best friend get lonely… part me here “” / WhatsApp: +254771985150.
    Finally: If A Man Loves A Woman’s Soul, He Will End Up Loving One Woman, But If He Just Loves A Woman’s Body Or Face , All The Women In The World Won’t Satisfy Him.

  15. Hey Sugar. Great to be here for you. I’m Steve and an intelligent, energetic, caring, loving, hardworking, handsome guy with humble background. I am 37 years old from Nigeria. I will like to take you to the paradise you craved for. I look forward to hooking up with you and eventually coming over to make your dream come true. My contact is as follows

  16. Hi Celion am René from Cameroon and immediately i saw your post I said to my self she will be a good wife material because you have once been victimized and it’s clear that once biting twice Shi’a and I have ever wanted to get married to someone older than me for a balance relationship…
    Thanks bb I remains your sincere and secret admire..
    Love you

  17. material because you have once been victimized and it’s clear that once biting twice Shi’a and I have ever wanted to get married to someone older than me for a balance relationship…
    Thanks bb I remains your sincere and secret admire..
    Love you

  18. Hello Celion!
    My name is Alex from Kenya. I am 29 years old. I have a son, taking responsibility of. I was betrayed by my ex, who I gave all my love to but she never appreciated. I decided to take my son and care for him myself. He is now 3 years old in kindergarten. I am a tall focused man, hardworking, serious minded and intelligent. I work as a health professional here in Kenya, though my ambitions are still very high with life. I want to achieve more with my career and raise a very successful family. I was raised in a poor background but I managed to work harder for my education.

    Among my greatest strengths is my respect for women. I believe that treating a woman right is the sole aim of a successful man. Celion you are amazingly beautiful, that is not a lie! You are like an angel to my eyes! If you accept me, I promise, you feel all the love you have been looking for! I am a very loving, mature man, romantic, and energetic to give you all the satisfaction you need as a woman. Looking at your eyes, the glow in them have made me mad for you! I don’t just love you because you are rich, but because you have all that am looking for in a woman! Being a successful business lady like you are to me means that you are go getter, an innovator, an intelligent and caring woman. Success in business needs these as some of the qualities. You are exactly the type of woman that I need in my life. With you, am sure we can click and do wonders!I will be your key source of motivation to your daily life. I will spice your life with a delicacy you have never dreamt of! My sole aim of being with you will be to make a love that will equal none, to create a paradise that none can equal. I will make you very jealous of me, and ask yourself why you never met me before!

    I will rest my case there with those few words as I hope to hear from you the soonest!

    My contact/whatssap number is +254710371361, my email is

    With much love,

  19. I am frank 37yr Ghana.pretty bae i hv ll wat it takes to make u happy or treat u like a queen.Angel try me n u will never regret.pls call me on +233249356791

  20. hi ms. celion im ariel 22 yrs old from Philippines heres my number +639485215271

  21. Hi CELION, my names are Yinka Akinbowale-Ogunnowo.My mobile and WhatsApp number is +2348037193901 and my other email is I works and stays in Lagos Nigeria. I have been to UK severally especially attending IP (International Petroleum week) Week every February of every year. Though I have not travel since 2014 when I attended the IP week last. Though I am a 52 year old man full of life and strong, you can give me a try and I will not disappoint you at all. I am honest and do not go beyond my boundary at all. I always keep to my agreement. Kindly give me a consideration and I will make you look good. Cheers. Pls I will like to meet you in person.

  22. Hi celion? my name is elijah am a Zambian aged 26 and looking for for someone who can love just me the way iam, if u can just kindly WhatsApp me on this number 0975119649 so that we get to know each other very welwell,hop to hear from u soon

  23. Henry I’ve accepted you as my sugar boy. please check the link below to get my direct contact and write me any time.
    Your love
    Henry Maloti

  24. Great to be here for you, am strong and intelligent young man, who has the quality of a man you deserve. It’s my promise to you that, I will try my leval best to cheer you up and remain loyal to you. Please ,it will be my pleasure when you contact for more descation through :+254726491984

  25. Mon bébé c’est avec plaisir que j’ai écrit cette l’être juste de te faire comprendre que je t’es aimé avec un seul coeur voici mon numéro WhatsApp +23797009283 je suis un camerounais je te promet une amour sincère durable et honnête capable de te satisfaire tout moment que tu seras dans les besoins je serais fidèle jusqu’au la fin de notre vie

  26. Darling hi, good day, I need a wifee, I need my own family, I am in need of a loving wife, the one I can always call my own, I let’s just talk and now each other better than we both have, pls call me on + 2348093093379
    Faithfully Leo

  27. Mon bébé je suis un camerounais voici mon numéro whatsapp+23797009283 je te promet une amour sincère durable et honnête je serait fidèle jusqu’à la fin de notre vie je serait à toit uniquement à toit

  28. My name is Alex, I believe I might be the ideal man you want, I will do all to please, and make you happy, and I love it when my love is been reciprocated. This is WhatsApp number +2348142848884

  29. Hi, nice to meet you here. I read your profile and saw your need to have someone to start a relationship with.
    Am here to fulfil your desire and dream with. Am cool, caring, faithful, trustworthy, straight forward, respecting others, mutually understanding and loving naturally. I will love you with the whole of my heart.
    Am from Kenya…Love you and wait to hear and read from you.
    Warm and Kind regards.
    Whatsapp number +254704812914.

  30. I’m Sammy
    I love your looks, I would love you to be my sugar mummy because I feel you deserve a chance to be happy I also know you would be able to take care of me
    Please contact me :08107548470(WhatsApp)

  31. Hi beautiful angel my name is Musa from South Africa Soweto my contact numbers are 0820691519 that’s my whatsap numbers looking forward to hear from you

  32. l don’t talk much, l need sugar mama who can make me fell her body all the time. my WhatsApp number is (+22967780575) Michael by name.

  33. Hi sweetheart, I am glad to meet with u here where by we going to share more with u especially in love matter. I am black an African man Orginal from Namibia, my contact numbers is +264812564419 or u can meet with me on WhatsApp or Facebook just search Petrus Amutenya. I wanna show u love, that’s why I choose u as my sugar mummy. Kiss Petrus Amutenya Negumbo Namibian citizen.

  34. Me and you together we can touch the sky add me on Whatsapp +2348091040153 am from Nigeria looking for a good relationship and trust

  35. All of these other guys are black and sound fucking stupid I am Mexican 36 live in Tijuana Mexico and I believe you deserve me get at me I have what you desire

  36. AKILE ISRON 37, says hello dear miss CELION you are such a beautiful woman I wish to have in my life and I’m really so much interested in you.I’m so kind, humble, loyal, honest, loving and very respectful.l live in Uganda, Kampala, Whatsapp number is+256779722806.

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