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Rich Sugar Mummy In New York, USA Needs A Sugar Boy Urgently – Chat Her Now !!

sugar mummy Diana

sugar mummy Diana

New York Sugar Mommy Looking For A Young Man – Hello guys, my name is Dianna, I am from New York in the USA. I don’t know if i should call myself a sugar Mummy. sounds good tho! Whatever, Well, i am looking for a strong, loving, energetic and caring man.

I am 42 years old and i am a single parent. I actually got a divorce two years ago and decided to stay off the whole relationship and marriage thing for a while.

After battling with my heart and family, i have decided not to get married anymore. I just want to have fun. I want a man who will understand me, treat me right and make me feel like a real woman.

I told sugar mummies Group that i will give $1500 monthly to who ever i will choose and will make arrangement for him to move in with me to new York!

I will be in the comment box waiting to read your reply. Tell me about yourself and how you intend to take care of me. I can’t wait to meet my sugar nice sugar boy!!!

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57 thoughts on “Rich Sugar Mummy In New York, USA Needs A Sugar Boy Urgently – Chat Her Now !!

  1. Hello Mirable, I’m Daniel from Ghana and I’m ready to be with u forever. Kindly add me and let’s make ourselves happy. WhatsApp +233554744456 or e-mail

  2. hi I am Ebenezer from Africa,24yrs of age dark and tall.i will teat you well and make you feel love again.and above all I last long in bed

    1. words alone cannot express what I have for you, because seeing I know is believing,…. u can reach me through 09028378733

  3. Hello my name is Kelvin and am 30 yrs old, am from Nigeria, I’d like to be that humble dude in your life if given the opportunity, I promise to live by your rules and treat you like a Queen that you are, I bet you will never regret having me around, just call me on +2348051376675 or email:

  4. Never beg for a relationship, brave to accept a person who really wants to be with you and rejected what he claims to be just.

    I am kind heart person I am sweet, loyal, nice person I love new adventures in my life, about love I want to explain,I think in love at first sight, because I love my mother, since it opened. My eyes.

  5. Hi Mirable,I’m Ebenezer from Ghana and it had been one of my aims to get a sugar mummy like you and I hope I’m gonna win your heart
    Please you can WhatsApp me on +233544451240.
    Waiting to hear from you

  6. Hi I’m Emmanuel based on this really prepared to make love as you I will treat you like my own which you will never forget in life. I’m a boy of 20years of age

  7. Hello my sugar, I am sunny from Nigeria I am ready to take you around world because my dream it s to mama happy and plan future with you and our lives we change for good. My number, 08135971513

  8. Hi mirabel my name is Mohammed from Ghana am a young man of 33yrs,a man of understanding,intergreety and am very loyal to my partner. You can WhatsApp me on +233248722781 then I will tell you more.

  9. Hello Mrs diana I have been reading about your short history recently and really found interest in you dear wow your money is not my priority making you happy is what I wish first ,making you feel like a woman real woman so please am a cool guy ,simple ,less talkative ,social ,lovable, outings ,clubbing sometime and I drink alcohol only when am stressed up or worried dear I will say just getting in touch with you is going to be better than me talking words without actions here dear please lets meet up honey . I am a Cameroonian just get processed my documents and am all yours if you get me come over to you baby you won’t get hurt I promise you dear I am from a family of 5 and am the first born dear so you gat no worries because I know how to take care of kids and babies like you are going to be my baby I will take care of you than I did to my younger sibling just contact me or give me your number in private hunny here is my number 697-10-04-04-96 my thanks dear waiting on you.

  10. I am Frank from Ghana I need sugar mummy.
    I am interested in Margret I am energetic handsome guy good looking with loyal and responsible person care about
    I promised that Margret should give me the opportunity.
    she will never regret of taken me if only she is interested should via me on +233542437136

  11. hello am Joseph 23 years of age I don’t have anything but I will treat you like Queen in my heart I don’t even no USA if u will allow me to live with you u will see am perfect and caring guy waiting for u

  12. hi… Am Solomon, 24, speaks English, 6ft plus… Saying what I wanna offer,is like making sweatcoats…. u can contact me here dear+2349073219412

  13. Nothing has crept into my heart except your love and nothing will ever separate my emotion from the passion I invest in you sweetie

  14. Hallo, I’m Chiwai, born and raised in kenya, l’m 32years old and I’m proud of that because I’m mature enough.My Foundation is based on Christian characters so I’m sober, sincere and smarter enough. My career security, I’m a businessman, self-employed man. My relationship, I have been dating young and old but they end up hurting me and making me humiliated, upto now I have been searching my dream woman it doesn’t matter over age or below age put a woman of virtuous and distinction, better try you.A woman that I will pay attention to in terms of time, energy and commitment in order to have closes time’s together. My dear leading what you’re soul requires l will strengthen, assist, encourage and enlighten again your love towards me. we shall have fun and share hobbies in common. I’m very good in listening, be corrected and to be rebuked, in order to make peace and happiness in each room. Am available and please don’t hesitate to contact me by email or by WhatsApp me through +254728740755. Warm regards

  15. hi mama. my name is Tim, 33years old, nigerian but presently living n working in ghana, single n searching for true love even better with a sugar mama. don’t mind relocating to any conducive part of d world. u only need say d words n I will fulfill your heart desires to d Best of my abilities as I can. r u interested in me as I am in u, then pls call/whatsapp tim on +233546148859

  16. Hi my name is jumaa amir from tanzania.i have 22years and for more information check me on my whatsapp no +2550678297595


  17. Hi am Ali 32years old young honest man if any one interested in me call me at 923125140969

  18. I am Francis from Ghana,a Pastor by profession.Age 28,single and will be happy if I will be considered Worthy to get one of the pretty ladies here.Call or whatssap on 0548059215 Thank u

  19. sweetheart am really excited reading this and i would love to be with you not interested in your money but interested in making you dear this is my contact #233549107089

  20. Hi Miss Mirabel, trust that you’re know, when two love birds meet, the next thing they do is to build a fortified love nest and together share the best of love moments.I’m ready to share this great experience with you while we escape to the wonderland of love and pure ecstasy. Why don’t you join me on my soultrain and let’s ride wild.Let me share your world with you. Connect with me on:+233243769368.I’ll be waiting… cheers.Let’s discover,uncover & recover.

  21. Hi, frankly I have no time for long talk because a man hunting for an elephant will obviously not concern himself with a stray rat….just get in touch to experience real friendship and fun. +233558185382

  22. Hello dear lovely smile gorgeous flowers sugar mama how are you I hope you doing well and I pray to almighty God to bring smiles happiness everything in your life you waiting for that. my life is beautiful right now because of you my lady love. you entre into my life as a candlelight in the dark I know you showed me the meaning of love not with your words but with your care I know you’re shy nature doesn’t let you open up to me but you’re eyes speak up the love you have for me.dear My name is shahrukh Pardis I am from Afghanistan am 26 year old single never married With good sense of humor honest loving loyal romantic smart hard working joking smile good character responsible and would like to give someone smile not take from someone smiling am good man which I know how to take care of you how to love you how to make you happy and I don’t like to break heart of someone I don’t like betrayed to someone because of someone trust you don’t break her trust I believe on my self I can bring in your life love trust loyalty honesty and also I will take care of you like my princess like my eyes like my heart and make you happy in every way which you preferred and anything you want I will do that for you which makes you happy and why I choose you because you look like angel honest loyal loving good sense of humor kind beautiful caring women who know how to love me how take care of me how to make me like king my princess every body is in life waiting for someone to prove himself if you’re not give me the chance how can I prove himself to you that am loyal person am loving honest romantic good sense of humor smart hard working I have heart like mirror if you give me the chance I will show you your beautiful picture in my heart and never disappoint it in your life I hope you contact with me if you have time for me this is my contact information below and if you’re not contact with me after that I will pray to God be happy in all life and for what things you’re waiting in your life God make you successful to achieve that thing my dear sugar mama.

    Facebook: shahrukh Pardis
    Phone: +93779805358
    what’s up: +93779805358
    IMO/viber +93779805358
    You can call me or text in one number

  23. Hello am 25 years and have a very big interest on you. am loving person who likes have funny and part time with someone+260 953958259

  24. Hello dear. My name is Muzaffer Ahmad and I am from India. I am humorous, Kind hearted, honest and sincere guy. I do not smoke and drink. I respect women a lot. I am gifted with many other qualities like intelligence, intuition, hard working, always smiling and determined come what may. I never lie even though it may harm me.I help others in small matters which gives me happiness. I am generous and caring in nature. I am smart, good looking guy. I am hailing from a place which is most beautiful place on earth. You would love to travel this place again and again.I hope I will get a chance for interaction to know me better. My email address is waiting for a response.

  25. im Junior 22 years I need one sugar mom that will keep me happy as well as i will treat her like a queen of my heart,am also a christian

  26. Hello Mummy , My Name Is Kabay at 37 Years, a Sports Size and 6ft Tall from Mombasa Kenya.
    I’m looking for a Relationship / Friendship from a Responsible Mammy like you Who also needs a man who can Handle her with Dignity of Love, Joy and Happiness.

    Am A Black Guy Who Shall Always owe You The Responsibility Of Being:
    Trust Worthy, Loyal, Passionate, Offer Hands of Work To Help Each other,
    To Love sweetly In The Heart And Above All Am A God Fearing Christian Of Which
    I Believe Should guide me to do good to others as I would need the same from them. It Takes A strong Man To Handle A Broken Woman… Sometimes Being Strong Means Being Able To Cry, and Sometimes Moving On Means Being Strong Enough To Let Go.

    I’m A Person Who Is Hardworking to Support My Lady in Cheering up Her Goals to Promote Our Joy and Love. Am very ready to relocate and move in with you… no distance… love needs live touch on the wire.

    In My Everyday Life I Like; Reading, Gospel & Patriotic Music, Traveling, Ready to learn new things, Walking, Physical Exercise, Or Gym, Museums and Nature.
    I Believe A Strong Woman May Be Stronger Than A Man, Particularly If It Happens To Have Love In Her Heart, I Guess A Loving Woman Is Indestructible.

    My stand is; To Raise my Words Not my Voice, since It’s Rain That Gives Flowers— Not Thunder, Really I see; You Are Beautiful….. You Are Strong…. You Are Capable…. You Are Wonderful …. You are Gracious…Believe It….Then Never let your best friend get lonely… part me here “” / WhatsApp: +254771985150.

  27. Hello ms.mirabel take care u are pretty i like u i’m a man with a good loving heart,handsome,caring,honest,romantic,understanding with a sense of humor and good in bed my height is 5’9″ if u give me a chance to love u i do everything i can to make u happy i promise u my love i’m serious to u we share together happiness moments of our life pls.add me in facebook i love u

  28. Hello ms.mirabel take care u are pretty i’m a man with a good loving heart,caring,romantic,honest,handsome,understanding with a sense of humor and energetic good in bed my height is 5’9″ if u give me a chance to love u i do everything i can to make u happy i promise u my love i’m serious to u we share together happiness moments of our life my name is edwin dimalibot u can check my profile that i’m real and honest to u my email i love u

  29. Hello I am sola am 28years old am still single and never been in any relationship with anyone else I have my good reason for that cause I never achieved what I want that’s why I never choose to have anyone else and I am 10fit tall and am dark in completion I don’t like trouble am easy going guy am self-employed I am computer engineering how I intended of taking care of you want I love that question of yours we all humans and each an every one of us have a life to account for I sola all stand up with you no matter how sky is falling down I promise to never leave you alone makes you feel happy take care of you like you really never been before and am going to give it to you every damn time you feel like you’re want too I all give it to you like you really never been before and more and more all night long and on till you get enough just like real woman you’re want to be I all take you away far away from here too a place no one else no where just two of us we all be together and promise never hurt and I will always love you and take care of you cause you deserve the best I always love too be with someone else like you I love that age of yours I have that idea of this when I was a kid when my mum passed away i was 4years old then and a month later my dad also passed away so since then I have been alone with this idea on my mind that I need someone else older than me so I can be with just like a wife and mother as well I love to start up my all life with you if you give me chance to love you I don’t care who you are where you from and what you are just as long I love you all I want his your love I truly gonna be there for you when ever you want it when ever you need it I all be there when ever you need me for so long have been waiting for this moment I give it to you when though joy and and though pain I all be there for you until that day death do us apart and I no you never believe me cause I chosen you and I chose you cause you are my desire and am going to keep on loving and I will never stop loving you and here’s my number to reach out for me love 08086337945 and also my gmail account

  30. My WhatsApp number is +923135124789 Me is Khalid male 33 from Pakistan I am straight forward and clearly mention I want to go US or Australia for earn money. Money is first honey

  31. my name is Peter from Nigeria am 37years am cool, gentle and easy going person I promise to take of you no matter what it take and am even ready to do whatever it takes to satisfy you I know if we talked further the love and the affection we come so I we greatful if am been considered and I promise to be faithful thanks my whatsapo number is +2348065529418 +2348188443338

  32. Hi out there i think love matters first without love money is just a material thinks to me lets share ideas to build up relationship together before thinking of different thing +233244108978 whatsap please

  33. am willliam from Tz am ready to be yours let me be into your show you kind real love i will give you something which you didnt get it just give me chance to show you my world.

  34. Good evening my beautiful lady my name is martins am from Nigeria I need a lady that can take care of me and help me in life. Then I will give her my heart am just 26 old please am really really ready this is my WhatsApp +23408085124795

  35. Hello Dianna! I’m a good, loving and caring Nigeria man. Is my dream to have sugar mummy as my partner and I’m going to fulfilled it. I wish to have u as my sugar mummy and I promise to be with u forever. U can contact me or hit me up on WhatsApp with my number k? (+2347054241227). Hope should hear back from u soon.

  36. WhatsApp +256780462448,,in need of a sugar mammy ,,in Uganda,,,,hope to hear from you soon

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