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Cute Sugar Mama Needs A Sugar boy – Whatsapp Number Is Available

sugar mummy. 7

sugar mummy. 7

This beautiful sugar mummy is Currently Separated from her previous marriage. She hates smoking but drink socially.

In a few words: Entrepreneur. Business and Non-profit organization owner. Personal trainer. Chef. Soprano. Neither a princess nor a babe.


I’m not religious and I believe that faith is a personal and intimate relationship with our Creator. Neither men nor their dogmas should stand in the midst of that privileged relationship.

sugar mummy. 7
sugar mummy.

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I don’t believe in being “brutally honest”: there is nothing gratifying in having the brutality of a wrecking ball when you can definitely be honest and straight forward while being respectful and kind.

I’m not here to get laid nor am I interested to know the size of your genitals or to see pictures of it. If your proud of it and happy with it, then good for you! (Not being sarcastic here)

If your only goal is to “try” a black woman, please allow me to respectfully suggest you to skip right away to another profile or call an escort service for I’m not an option to be tried. So don’t waste your time nor mine by asking for nude pictures or sexy cam.

I’m not in desperate need of attention; just to spark the attention of the right one will be more than enough for me.

Same suggestion applies if you’re here to “have fun and enjoy the pleasures of life”. I can enjoy myself with ONE partner and have a lot of fun everywhere else besides a bedroom.

For those who are more the “Me, myself and I” type, defining yourself according to the amount of your possessions, I’m definitely not who you’re looking for. The $ 2 million house, the Bentley, Maserati and Lamborghini, the 10 K watch, the 8 digits bank account, you name it, I’ve been there, seen it all, yeah, I’m not into the bling nor am I infected by the “look at me” syndrome. That’s definitely not how I measure the qualities of a real man or any human being.

Don’t get me wrong, I like beautiful things but I’m more into the quality than quantity. I work to have what I need and want. Money is not an idol in my life, it’s a convenient tool that give a certain upgrade in life, but isn’t the true essence of it. I respect it but I don’t worship it. Greed and stinginess are huge turn off for me.

I believe in respect, compassion, kindness, sharing and humility. Some men (and women) have their entire life revolving around appearances and possessions while being glorified by gold diggers that shine their over sized ego. I’m definitely not a potential match for those enlisted in that category.

I believe in contentment, yet doesn’t mean being over self-indulgent, lazy nor lacking of ambition. Means to be grateful for what you have, what has been achieved in your life and know how to be a blessing to others every time you are blessed.

I believe in achieving your dreams and make them come true no matter how long it takes to make it happen. Who cares? It’s not a race and they don’t have an expiry date anyway!

I believe that the greatest achievement is when you reach your top (not the one the society or men require/want you to reach out) without crushing everybody on your way but while helping and lifting others you might encounter on your journey. Makes you grow a better, stronger, humbler and wiser version of yourself.


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14 thoughts on “Cute Sugar Mama Needs A Sugar boy – Whatsapp Number Is Available

  1. Yah there is nothing wrong you have aired out,according to how people not all,want to define themselves.
    You have expressed your points very well,I feel you are on the right track.
    I am of the option that since what is on my mind why not dear!
    I am cool, simple, happy and always wish I get someone special for me.
    I will be glad to positively hear from you dear.
    I aiso don’t want to talk much here but act are more better.
    My contact number is: +256774-078965.

  2. Many people are there for blasphemy but that’s the generation we are currently in for.
    But you stick to your goals.
    Some are liars ,talk of nude pictures, they are after such irresponsible acts.
    You see in this world we must learn to be shy.
    That does not exist in many cultures and that’s why you find that what God put secret is on the fore screen out there.
    I appreciate you for being so frank in your statements,to outline what you actually long for.
    To prove to some one what you expect of him.
    Thank you dear.

  3. Hi beautiful how are you doing today. am Godwin from Ghana west africa, i want to be the man who will grant you all your heart desires, if you give me the chance to show you love, respect and cherish you as a queen. call or whatsapp me on +233541513443 thank you very much my dear.

  4. I’m ready for that i don’t even mind if you don’t give me money what I want is to find a woman who really love me… french is my language but also i speak a little english, but i want to live with someone who can help me to improve my English and the woman in whom i can trust and live with her the rest of my life, a woman who can make me better…i’m disappointed by many girls who have the same age with me… So i need a woman who can just love me like i am… But what you have to know is that i don’t have any job but i’m still looking for… I’m very interested by you, my name is Eddie Hector MUHIRE G. i’m 27, i don’t have a job, i live Democratic Republic of Congo and i still studing but also i need a woman in whom i can trust and live with the rest of my life, i want a serious relationship without lie… I don’t know to speak english as wel as you but i just try to communicate and to express myself…
    My email : and my whatsapp number is +254745063598, for call: +243994498054… If you have question i will be here to respond… Just email me or whatsapp me… You are to attracting and even if i don’t know you but i feel you’re a good woman, i’m waiting for your answer

  5. I am from Brazil, 32 yo, caucasian white, height 5′ 7″, 80 kg, smart, creative, I work in heavy mechanic, I am seeking a wonderful woman…..
    My whatsapp +55 96 999673995

    Tschuss, bis bald!!! I wait you

  6. I am from Brazil, 32 yo, height 5’7″, caucasian white, I work in heavy mechanic but I am available to get out my job to stay with sugar mommy,
    My whatsapp +55 96 999673995

  7. hello, beautiful and attractive girl with the words, I liked what I said and honestly you are an amazing and very direct woman, determined woman is to be eleogiada, admired, paparicada and fill with affection and affection, I liked your words, they seem to shine just like the your eyes when you see something you like, I say that because everyone gets their eyes shining when we see something we like.

    I wish I had the chance to meet you in my wpp or even in person, it would be an honor and a huge pleasure, your words ne thrills and brings me a sense of peace that we seek in each other.

    I am Brazilian and i work teaching classes for children in the interior of my state, honestly I will not even call your money, I am working and I am happy with what I have earned financially, even if it is little and something commendable.

    Feel free to email me.

  8. Hello,
    Am not here either for money per say
    I just need a business connection.
    Maybe something special will come out as we move along.
    Interested,contact me here +233249494010

  9. Hi south African sugermom i need one that can spoil me, am in limpopo if you are ready you can contact me on my whustup +27663932953

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