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mom 64579

mom 64579

About whom and what am I seeking for…? Well definitely not Prince Charming! As far as I’m concern, he can remain on his stallion and ride his way! Yet, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate chivalry and nice gestures and will be always showing my appreciation for it. Bottom line, I’m more into a normal and quite active man with his qualities and faults, who’s respectful, caring, smart, fun, a bit “kamikaze” and who dare to try new things and step out of his comfort zone once in a while.

In short, someone who could be a partner for quite anything we could be up to try. It would be great to share values and interests, but still to be different enough for the two of us to learn and grow from and with each other.

mom 64579

I believe that building a relationship it’s like building anything out of the ground: you need to settle solid and virtually unshakable foundations before anything else.

Those foundations should be based upon mutual respect, love, kindness, compassion, faithfulness, trust, open communication, humility, patience, forgiveness, friendship, laughter, complicity and a desire to always bring out the best out the other one, give your best (doesn’t mean being perfect) and indefensible commitment and support especially through hardship for there always be people, even stranger to enjoy good times by your side.

I don’t believe in “who’s wearing the pants” mind game. I believe in two individuals trying and giving their best while putting forward they skills, abilities and will to make a relationship strive and grow strong in spite of the challenges, setbacks and life circumstances. I don’t believe in expecting perfection while “dealing or tolerating” your partner’s faults. Instead, I believe in encouraging a partner with love and positive spirit and attitude while learning to love their faults and flaws.

Never ask or expect from the other one what you’re not ready to give or commit yourself into. Never take the love, the respect, the nice gestures or random acts of kindness from your partner for granted. I believe when two people commit themselves at a 100% it makes a greater relationship than the one where each party is committed at only 50% to make a 100 out of it. I believe that where ego and pride prevail, there is not room for love, respect and spiritual growth to occur. I believe in the goodness of the “I” but even more in the greatness of the “we”.

I believe that those who want something really bad will speak and visualize success, victory and positive outcome, commit to try more than once, fight if it’s what it takes, stand up, sacrifice, compromise and persevere. Those who don’t want something with all their heart and guts will always look up for an exit sign, shortcuts and easy ways, be lukewarm in their commitments, make up excuses, speak and project defeat and failure, never willing to sacrifice anything that would make them to step out of their comfort zone, eventually give up when facing adversary and irremediably ending up quitting.

Relationships are like love, faith…or coffee: nobody likes it lukewarm. Either you go hot or iced! Finally… I believe if you took the time to read me up to this point, I must definitely thank you for your time and attention and might assuredly be glad hearing from you. Wish you all a wonderful journey in your mate quest and may you find the best match that will change your life for the best! Farewell and blessings!

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24 thoughts on “Rich Sugar Mummy From Your Preferred Location Wants You – Accept Her Now

  1. Yes admin I agree and I would like to make her my first and last sugar mummy.
    and yes my dearest mummy,
    Please WhatsApp me at +923204790567.

  2. Im very interessed with your profile sugar mama i want to start sometihing of strong with you darling im an easygoing man so full of love to share with who deserve it you for exemple i promise to take care of you for the rest of my life if you accept face to face to destroy our lonliness togerther

  3. Thank you for the email from sugar mummies site. The lady who’s profile you sent was nice, and I wish the lady in question all the best in her search for the man of her dreams. I am only interested in certain ladies on your website that I am extremely attracted to and I hope they reply to me. I can’t help who I’m attracted to and if they are not interested, then that’s fine. I would rather settle for nothing than settle for half measures. It’s either everything or nothing, that’s just the way it is when looking for love. I don’t wish to upset anyone, because you can’t help who you are attracted to in this life. Your heart has to be in it, to win it. Thank you.

  4. Hi there!
    II am ready to spend my life with you and I will give you my love if you will be sensitive with me then I will be yours for the rest of my life. Just WhatsApp me at my number please 03204790567.

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  7. hello , i would love very much to chat with you and see how we get on. this mite sound strange , but the thing i want more than any thing is to find true love . i just want to be with a lady that will love me for who i am . as i will love her for who she is . but not what she has in the bank . money is no good without complete love. if you would like to talk could you contact me on .. . even if it is no i will under stand. love michael.

  8. Hello young you are so so what’s going I have 22 years I want to be your and I mean it and I’ll make you I will love you every time

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